Eight hour myth about Sleep

It is conventional wisdom and we are recommended by our health experts that we as an adult should sleep seven or eight hour a day. This period of time is considered ideal but it could be ideal. Do you know that our brain cleans itself from toxin materials?

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The sleeping period of 8 hours at night necessary is compulsory portion of our lives so that we can refresh ourselves. Everyone has different sleeping pattern means some sleep in block, some remain sleepy all the day while some use coffee and or in rush…, animals are found in polyphasic schedule means multiple time in def rent periods.

Do we really need 8-hours sleep?

In fact- it is not justifiable means you may need 9 hours or 7 hours sleep. It depends on lifestyle vary person to person. At particular stage of life you can only determine period of time that you think it is suitable for you. You can figure out only by yourself that how much you have to sleep. A tip will be that when you wake without intimation of alarm in a morning and your mind is fresh not feeling to have a bit more rest then this can snooze can be considered as enough.

When you enough you will feel that you got improvement in your performance, judgment, mood, memory and immune system. You should care yourself. It is all free and costless only need certain amount of consideration.

Are you ready for regulating you sleep…?

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